NEXT - DOWNLOAD the Moodle APP here

The first thing you need to do is download the Moodle App. This will give you the option to continue your Manaaki Rotorua journey on your mobile device or similar when you are away from a desktop.  You can click on the link here or search for the MOODLE APP in Google Play or the App Store.  Once you've downloaded the APP, simply enter as the program descriptor and you will have access to Manaaki Rotorua.  Once there, simply enter the USERNAME and PASSWORD you were provided and then the journey begins, commencing with Module One. 

The App is quite easy to navigate, particularly if you just work through each page in order. You'll notice there is a checkbox on the right-hand side. This will automatically 'tick' when you complete each page making it easy to keep tabs on where you are in the course.

Just in case, we've put a couple of short video clips together to give you some user hints - albeit you'll be fine to just get on with it we reckon.




Completing quizzes.



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