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Welcome to Manaaki Rotorua - our unique for Rotorua by Rotorua customer service destination training program.  Specifically designed to assist you to become the best destination ambassador you can be, the program aims to provide you with the tools, information and techniques required to not only engage with customers confidently but to also share that little bit more about this special place we are proud to call home.

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To keep things simple, this online course is accessible on any device (be it PC, laptop, tablet or mobile) so you can access it at home, at work, in the office, on the bus or pretty much anywhere where you can connect.  For an enhanced user experience, we suggest you download the free Moodle APP (keyword: Manaaki Rotorua) - that way you can pop in and out of modules at your leisure on your mobile.  

Simply put, there are 3 modules in total that make up the Manaaki Rotorua program and each varies in time to complete, being anywhere from 1-3 hours per module (in one sitting) or if you go through intermittently at your leisure it could be easily done over a few days or even weeks. 

MODULE ONE - Explores the concept of Manaakitanga, what it means to us as individuals, to our region and our community. We look at the skills required to deliver a great customer experience and the importance of it to us individuals.

MODULE TWO - Takes a closer look at the language, history and stories of our local Te Arawa people, as well as learning common Māori words, phrases and pronunciation, how to introduce yourself in Te Reo Māori and more.

MODULE THREE - Is all around those aspects that will help you become a great destination specialist.  Helpful insights, local tips, key facts and figures and much more to assist you to become a knowledgeable Rotorua ambassador.

At the end of most sections within each module there is a short quiz to check you’ve understood the key messages of the course.  Whilst the questions aren't super tough, it will pay to take some notes along the way as you seek to retain and remember what you have learnt.  Once you’ve successfully completed all three modules, the program administrator should receive notification of your completion and this will be confirmed directly with you (and your employer if sponsored) by way of an email.  Upon verification, you will be issued with a Manaaki Rotorua completion certificate acknowledging your time, effort and commitment - so what are you waiting for?  

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